Blaine Miller

A Software Engineer, Marketing Consultant, and Photographer

The domain name says it all. I love programming ever since I started using a computer as a kid. The possibilities almost limitless. I have worked on quite a few projects over the years starting with my own personal websites I created in middle school most of them now in the archive. Entered into a virtual e-commerce business in high school winning 1st in Advanced Website Development of California. That got me a job as a website designer for a local company. From there I went into business under the name of Cenode with my best friend. We developed apps from simple utility apps to full on social networks custom made to a rather unique concept. Also trying our hand at a few games we thought that maybe another social network was in order. We also did some client work for a few local businesses improving SEO and brand recognition. From there I went to work with my CIS Bachelors of Science Degree at a local safety software company. I currently work at Tyrion Integration where I am building business intelligence interfaces.